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All racehorses need regular outdoor cantering and galloping exercise to maintain their health and fitness.

We have access to Two all weather gallops which are maintained to a high standard by Edgcote Estates.

Horses excersising on the 4f all-weather round gallop at Edgote

Our great variety of facilities aid us in keeping our horses both mentally and physically healthy.  The different work each of the gallops provide help develop different soft tissue and muscles which in turn help prevent injuries as well as keeping the horses both mentally happy and aiding to reach peak physical fitness levels.

We have a 4 furlong circular gallop with a polytrack surface which is extremely consistent.  This is a perfect way to train stamina into horses and helps maintain horses’ fitness when they are fit.  Young horses benefit from using this gallop before they start their fast work which will teach them to breathe in a relaxed manner, helping them to settle in their races.

Watch horses working on the straight 5f all-weather hill gallop at Edgcote.

The straight hill gallop is 5 furlongs long.  Has a good incline on it which is an ideal way to make horses work to get them fit for their races.  It is a polytrack surface that helps reduce the injury risk to horses when they gallop.  This provides an ideal training surface, it drains very well, and because of its wax content doesn’t freeze in extreme cold weather conditions.

Edgcote hosts a Point to Point course, which is close to the all weather gallops and the yard.  When conditions allow grass gallops are available for horses to enjoy a change of surface and enjoy a change of scenery which is great for their well being.

DDR gallops pic.png


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